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3-D Modelling Mayhem!

In Year 6 we are starting out 3-D modelling unit in the style of artist Dale Chihuly. 

This half-term Best Class are moving onto 3-D modelling as part of their art curriculum. We started by looking at the famous artist Dale Chihuly, who is infamous in the world of art for is elaborate and vibrant glass sculptures. 

We found that Dale, born in America 1941, is an entrepreneur and glass sculptor. His works are considered to possess outstanding artistic merit in the field of blown glass and some of his works move into the realm of large-scale sculpture. The technical difficulties of working with glass are considerable but Chihuly uses it as the main medium for his installations and environmental artwork.

We have started by having a go at making some imitation glass bowls using cling film in a bowl and adding pva and tissue paper. You can see the patterns are different on the inside to the outside!

We have done this through the art curriculum vision:

Be creative. Be proficient. Be reflective.

Stay tuned to see our sculptures at the end of the unit!




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