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Benjamin's Brilliant Jungle Adventure!

Benjamin Class had fantastic fun this week during our PE dance lesson, learning all about the jungle and how we could move our bodies in different ways!

In PE, our subject vision statement is:

Be Passionate.

Be Respectful. 

Be Determined. 

We love to dance in Year 2, so we were so excited to be going to the jungle to try out some incredible jungle moves. We started the lesson by practising moving around the room in different ways. Could we move like a snake? Like a parrot? Like a cheetah? 

Then, we went on a Safari, following our tour guide to find all the spectacular creatures that you might find in the jungle. We spotted birds, moneys and even swan away from some vicious, snapping crocodiles. It was thrilling! 

We then set off on our own. We thought about how a lion might move and what facial expressions we might use. Our fierce faces were definitely scary! Using teamwork, we worked together to find as many creatures as we could before we moved on to tidying coconuts from the beach. The class split in two and had to clear all the coconuts by sliding them to the other team's beach. Using determination, both teams managed to win at least once during our game. 

Finally, we had to try our best to dodge falling coconuts by moving our bodies in different ways, using our imaginations to move low and high, twist and turn, to avoid getting hit by a falling coconut. We were determined to make it out of the jungle unscathed, and managed it with smiles on our faces! It was definitely a lesson to remember!


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