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Refreshing Rosh Hashanah

Year 2, Benjamin class, were eating some delicious apples to help learn about the Rosh Hashanah festival.

This term, year 2 have been learning about Judaism, we found out that Jewish people celebrate their new year in autumn. This curiosity links to the Religious education vision of:

Be Curious.

Be Informed.

Be Reflective. 

In this lesson, we learnt that Jewish people celebrate Rosh Hashanah by praying at the synagogue, being with family and friends, indulging in a delicious feast of challah bread, and apples and honey.

Benjamin class was able to try some apples with honey. Everybody had a chance of tasting the honey, and most pupils found it delicious! 

Have a look at Benjamin class enjoying the feast:

We look forward to exploring more about the Jewish religion!