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Happy Homes

Continuing our topic work 'Ourselves', Macmillan Nursery class have been busy creating models of their ideal home!

As you can see, there have been lots of colourful creations in Macmillan nursery class over the last couple of weeks.

The children loved using junk modelling materials to build some very happy, colourful homes. They are extremely proud of their 'homes' display!

Outdoors, the children have been just as creative, making larger scale play homes using big boxes and lots of imagination. The boxes had all the mod-cons drawn on - including televisions and mobile phones!

Meanwhile, our seasonal work continues and we have been busy exploring in the outdoor area. We have been collecting autumn leaves, talking about their colour and texture, and then creating our own autumn leaf art work. Have at look at our autumn leaves photograph. Can you tell which is real and which is our artwork?

We have been really living up to our Early Year Vision:

Be an Explorer. Be a Talker. Be a Trier. Be a Creator.


Designing Homes


Autumnal Artwork