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Decorative Designs!

Year 4 creating Kente Designs.

Our topic for art this term is Printmaking and Textiles. To begin the topic, we looked at a tie-dye technique, where children tied a cloth and experimented with different dyes.

From this, we looked at our main artist, Gilbert Ahiagble. Gilbert, as known as Bobbo, is famously known for his traditional Kente cloth designs.

We looked at lots of different Kente cloth designs, noticing the colours and patterns that had been used. From this, children then planned their own Kente designs, getting inspiration from the Ghanaian artist. 

This fits in well with our art vision of: 

Be creative.

Be proficient.

Be reflective. 

Have a look at some of our designs. 

After creating our own patterns, we then looked at other ways to make patterns through printing. To begin with, we made a print block by wrapping elastic bands around squares of cardboard. The elastic bands then created a shape as it was a raised surface. Children then added black paint to the block and pressed it down onto the white card. Children made some incredible patterns. 

We look forward to continuing our printing, but next time using traditional Kente colours. 

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