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It Takes Guts!

This week, Year 4 ventured to the Science Museum for the 'It Takes Guts show' and to explore the Wonder Lab. 

On Tuesday 2nd May 2023, Tull class went on the train and tube to the Science Museum. On arrival, we put away our coats and pegs and the went straight to the show.

At the show, the presenter went through the digestive system process bring the digestive system alive for all pupils. This 'gross, squirm-inducing show' entertained everyone, with interactions and plenty of 'WOW' moments that will stay with the class forever. 

It was great for one of our own to also get up and be part of the show, whilst remembering all the food groups.

Throughout the show, children were asked to recall facts such as: different food groups; nutrients; and vitamins; as well as the organs of the digestive system and their functions. As this was our previous topic, it was great to see the St George's pupils so enthusiastic and keen to share their knowledge. 

After the show, we then went to the Wonder Lab. This was perfect for our science vision of: 

Be academic. 

Be curious. 

Be practical. 

This 'hands on' lab allowed children to explore many different aspects of science. Every child was filled with curiosity and had plenty of opportunity to interact with different science phenomena. They went down slides to test different surfaces for friction, pulled on a pulley rope to test out pulleys, as well as exploring electricity with wires and different circuits. Have a look at some of the photos to find out what we investigated. 


As well as the Wonder Lab, we had a look around the Space section of the museum, which created a lot of curiosity looking at the various rockets and satellites. 

What a fantastic trip, with such a variety of science enquires for the children to investigate! We look forward to future trips to the museum to fulfil the pupil's curiosity. 

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