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Planting - Exploring - Baking

Work on our topic  'Land, Air, Water' continues in McMillan Nursery Class!

Our curriculum vision for Early Years is:

Be an explorer. Be a trier. Be a talker. Be a creator. 

We have done so much exploring and creating this week!

The nursery have been creative making flower artwork, developing their fine motor skills, using scissors to create hand-print flowers with collage nectar in the centre.

The children have also been busy growing their very own beanstalks, many of which have now gone home to be looked after.  We grew the beans in clear pots without earth at first, so we could watch the roots and shoots appear. We then added soil as the beanstalks began to grow tall. We would love to see photographs of any beans the plants produce.

We are now learning all about the caterpillar life-cycle using our focus book of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' to help us. The children are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our very own caterpillars which we will look after in class until they become beautiful butterflies! In the meantime, we went on a minibeast hunt and discovered a St George's caterpillar in our outdoor area. Whilst indoors, we made some delicious caterpillar bread!

Flower artwork

Beans and beanstalks




Can you spot the camouflaged caterpillar?

Baking Dough Caterpillars



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