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Christmas Creativity in Nursery

See how busy we have been in the nursery as Christmas approaches!

A wide variety of activities have been taking place as we continue our topic 'Ourselves', with a focus on 'Homes'. We have also been monitoring the changing of the seasons from autumn to winter, getting ready for Christmas with some seasonal artwork, and making sure, of course, that we learn all about the true meaning of Christmas.

We have certainly been living up to our vision statement for Early Years:

Be an Explorer. Be a Trier. Be a Talker. Be a Creator.


Winter art work inspired by Monet, using watercolours and colour mixing skills.


Christmas printing creating repeating patterns




Our very own nursery street featuring homes made from recycled materials

A very special home inspired by our structured story 'Errol's Garden', featuring its very own roof garden!


Reading and using small world to tell the story of The Nativity


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