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Year 6 Lead Assembly

With the deadline for Year 5 pupils to commit to our Residential next year, we asked Year 6 to lead assembly and let us know all about the fun to be had at PGL!

At St George's, our vision statement says:

Be brave. 

Our culture statement says:

We are fun. We are together. 

One of the most powerful ways in which we live out our calls to action is through participating in our Year 6 Residential. 

This week, our Year 6 pupils led our assembly and let us all know what happens on school journey. 

Our Year 6 leadership team introduced what happens. We then watched a video of all the fun events. After that, we had a 'Q & A' session, during which the pupils were asked some great questions by the younger pupils, who were keen to find out about activities such as: The Giant Swing; Jacob's Ladder; Raft building; Archery; and Rifle Shooting. 

Finally, our Year 6 were given their certificates for participation. Well done Year 6!

Setting the Scene


Our Video


Collecting our Certificates