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Rolls, Wheels and Splits!

In PE, Tull Class have been doing gymnastics.

This half term, Tull Class have really been stretching their muscles in our PE topic, Gymnastics! Our lessons started off with stretching the key muscles in our bodies and a light running warm-up. Our end goal was to be able to create a short sequence with different elements that used changes in speed and direction in small groups.

Pupils engaged and had fun together creating and performing their sequences using the STEP (space, task, equipment, people) principle and developed their sequences using compositional ideas. When performing each lesson, pupils became increasingly confident and were able to refine their skills each time.

Elements pupils included in their sequence were paired stretches (to make a shape, letter or number), shoulder rolls, cartwheels, a weighted position on their hands to show control and any element performed in unison. 

Our PE vision statement of:

Be passionate. Be respectful. Be determined.

... was really lived out by Tull class in these lessons.