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Sing Hosanna!

On Tuesday, Year 3 walked through the Easter Story at Southwark Cathedral, guided by our very own Father Richard. 

We started with the story of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on a donkey (expertly improvised), waving our self-made palm leaves and singing Hosanna!

We than sat for the story of the Last Supper, eating unleavened bread and drinking squash to represent the bread and wine Jesus shared with his friends. We talked about the betrayal of Judas and how he must have felt leaving the table.

Next, our story trail took us to the story of Jesus' arrest, crucifixion and death on the cross. We reflected on how difficult this time would have been for Jesus and his disciples. 

Then we went to the altar, where we talked about why so many Christians consider the Easter Story to be one of the most important, despite the fact that it is so sad in parts.


Finally, safely back in school, we created beautifully coloured Easter eggs, representing new life and how Christians believe Jesus was resurrected. 

We loved getting involved in the telling of the Easter Story in such a wonderful location, where we could:

Be curious.

Be informed.

Be reflective. 

like the budding theologians we are!