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Lights, Camera ... Action!!!

Year 5 completed their drama workshops and completed their final performances of Little Red Riding Hood. 

Throughout the second half of Spring term, Year 5 have been going to Deptford Green every Tuesday to take part in a drama workshop. Each week, children worked on a new technique - whether it is how to use our bodies to be a prop (such as a tree) or to create different sound effects. 

This works perfectly with our English vision, as we know how important it is to be a communicator:

Be a reader. 

Be a writer. 

Be a communicator. 

After doing deliberate learning for the first 3 weeks, the children were then put into small groups of 5 and given the task to perform Little Red Riding Hood. 

As working in a group requires lots of teamwork, to begin the session, the drama lead (Mr Jones) gave the class a challenge. They had to work collaboratively and listen to each other to untie themselves from a human knot. Have a look at the pictures. How do you think they got on? 

Unfortunately, the circles broke. But, all the children showed incredible teamwork and respect whilst listening to each other. 

From this, we recapped the story of Little Red Riding Hood and developed ideas on how they could slightly adapt the story, e.g., tell it from the wolf's point of view or make it more modern. 

Children then got into their groups and continued to practise their performances. All the groups worked incredibly well together and adapted the story impeccably. 

After finalising all the different performances, it was then time to bring the stage lights on and put on our best acting skills for the rest of the class. 

Have a look at some of the pictures from each group. Can you guess what part of the story they are telling?

We would like to thank Deptford Green for their hospitality and brilliant drama workshop. We look forward to incorporating the new skills into future performances.