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Growing Vegetables with Benjamin Class

In year 2, we have been busy growing radish and Swiss Chard. Want to know how? Luckily for you, we wrote instructions on how to grow these delicious vegetables!

Benjamin Class have been looking at plants in science, and we decided to write instructions on what we did so you don't have to.

We wrote about all the items we need to be able to plant our vegetables. Did you know we needed seeds, soil, a pot, a shovel and a watering can?

We wrote step-by-step instructions in chronological order to show what we did to be able to grow our delicious vegetables for our salad.

We found out some interesting facts about plants and what they need in order to grow and thrive, and we used this information to inform the reader of why they need for a plant to grow and become mature.

By writing our instructions independently it encouraged us to:

Be a reader. 

Be a writer. 

Be a communicator. 

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