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Reading: together

Whole-class reading begins at St. George's!

Everyone has been so excited this week as all classes from Year One to Six have begun their whole class reading sessions.

Pupils at St. George's are lucky to have a copy of all of the books in our reading spine to read between two.

Everyone has loved reading along as a whole class and then answering questions in our new reading response books.

At St. George's, we love reading and have the highest of expectations for everyone.

Have a look at our reading spine attached to find out more about what the children will be reading. We are proud to have representative, diverse authors and protagonists and to tackle moral dilemmas and themes. 




Year Six are reading: The Windrush and Oliver Twist


Year Five are reading: Shacketon's Journey
Year Four are reading: The Queen's Nose
Year Three are reading: Greta and the Giants
Year Two are reading: The Street Beneath My Feet


We love our new reading response books!
And we love recording our answers and doing self assessment and corrections!



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