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Physical Education

Be passionate. 

Be respectful. 

Be determined.

Our Physical Education Curriculum Vision Statement

Be passionate. Be respectful. Be determined.


Our intent is to deliver the content outlined in the Physical Education programmes of study within the national curriculum.  

To this end, we have developed an outline for what should be taught for each sport weekly. This is a knowledge-engaged progress model which clearly outlines the key knowledge and vocabulary for each stage of learning in sequence. It has been deliberately adapted in order to build on pupils’ interests and also expose them to physical activities which they would not normally encounter.  


All areas of our curriculum are implemented using ten principles of effective instruction outlined in our Teaching Touchstones, which work in symbiosis with the Gradual Release Towards Independence model for teaching.  

In P.E, we are passionate about delivering 2 hours of high-quality P.E lessons weekly. We aim to inspire all children to succeed and excel in a variety of sports and motivate them to continue being active across the school day and outside of school. To this end, we timetable the Daily Mile for all year groups across the school and have made it a part of our school culture.  

We want to provide children with opportunities to flourish in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. In Early Years and KS1 there will be a focus on multi skills which can then be used for sport specific learning in KS2.  Through P.E lessons, children will succeed through the sporting spirits of: teamwork, passion, determination, respect, self-belief and honesty. Children in years 4, 5 and 6 will attend swimming sessions throughout the year.  


The impact of our curriculum is directly aligned to our whole school vision and culture statements, as well as the Physical Education vision statement and the aims and purposes set out in the national curriculum.  

We say to our pupils: 

Be passionate: 

This means we want our pupils to: 

Be brave: 

  • Take part in new sports. 

  • Be competitive in different sports.  

  • Take on new physically demanding challenges.  

Be great: 

  • Show self-belief in all sports. 

  • Show enthusiasm for all different physical activities. 

  • Demonstrate appropriate behaviour and regard for rules and regulations.  

Be you: 

  • Independently challenge themselves to achieve their personal best.  

  • Lead a healthy and active life.

Be respectful: 

This means we want our pupils to: 

Be brave: 

  • Think positively to make the best their best effort.

Be great: 

  • Work as part as a team. 

  • Communicate and work collaboratively with others. 

  • Be honest in different games and activities.

  • Participate safely by following the rules.  

  • Show respect for the different abilities in the group because everybody has the right to participate.

  • Respect all opinions and thoughts.  

  • Play fairly.  

Be you: 

  • Win with grace.  

  • Accept losing and congratulate winners.  

  • Be the best version of themselves. 

  • Share their opinions with respect when making judgements on others' performances.

Be determined: 

This means we want our pupils to: 

Be brave: 

  • Take on new physically active challenges and participate.  

  • Complete personal best challenges to the best of their ability.  

Be great: 

  • Compete in new sports.  

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.  

  • Show decision-making within a team.  

Be you: 

  • Be physically active for long periods of time.  

  • Make judgments on their own current performance levels and how to improve. 


INPP Daily Movements

In Year 3 and Year 4, our pupils participate in ten minutes of movements daily, following a specific physical programme.

The movements help with children's coordination, balance and in turn help with children's learning in the classroom.

We have taken advice from the INPP (The Institute for Neuro-Physilolgical Psychology) who advise that the movements are particularly pertinent for these year groups developmentally. 

PE Hub Curriculum


As laid out in our Curriculum Vision for Physical Education, we are passionate about delivering 2 hours of high-quality P.E lessons weekly. We aim to inspire all children to succeed and excel in a variety of sports and motivate them to continue being active across the school day and outside of school. 

With this in mind we use the PE Hub model curriculum. 

Of their curriculum, the PE Hub say:

Through this curriculum-based scheme, the PE hub’s mission is to develop healthier schools and communities, filled with pupils who develop a lifelong love of physical activity.

The PE Hub is the leading resource for PE knowledge and lesson planning, helping all teachers to produce high quality P.E lessons.

Through high-quality, streamlined lessons, the PE Hub looks to move PE forward through teacher development and improving pupils P.E skills across a variety of different sports, as well as developing teamwork and self-reflection.

The curriculum builds on prior knowledge and outlines key skills at each stage. The use of knowledge organisers is in line with many other subject areas at St. George's. 

To find out more about the PE Hub's curriculum model, please visit their website here

To find out more about Physical Education at St. George's, visit our Sports Page here.