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A Famous Alumnus Visits us...

We had a very special ex-pupil visit us this week...

Love Ssega created the band Clean Bandit whilst studying at Cambridge University.

He has met the Mayor of London as recognition for his academic achievements – which include gaining a PhD at Cambridge University – on top of being a talented musician.   

As part of Ssega’s visit, he talked us through what being in a famous band was like, as well as how he found studying at Cambridge as a young black man.

He is now campaigning for cleaner air in South London and left each member of Year 5 and 6 with a comic he has co-created on this theme.

He left us with the message to dream big, follow our interests and be the best we can. What a great role model to have as someone who has walked the very same corridors of St. George’s that we walk every day.






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