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Black History Month: Wonderful Windrush Empire Pioneers!

 Pioneer inspiration for Year 6 - Positive influence and cultural change of the Windrush Empire.

Black History Month is in full swing at St George's for Year 6. We have been reading 'All Aboard the Empire Windrush' by Jillan Powell. We have also been looking at 'The Windrush Empire' in history through a range of questions. 

This month we have learnt about the reasons for migration, the journey, life on board the Windrush, life in London, and finally what the pioneers brought and achieved. We have remembered the history vision throughout: 

Be inspired - Be academic - Be reasoned

We have been inspired by the bravery of these young men and women throughout the topic and the discrimination they overcame when first coming to Britain in 1948. We have used our reasoning to understand what life was like back in the late 40s and why they would choose to try and make a better life for themselves. We have been academic in our reading and used this to create speeches to thank those pioneers for the positive changes and brilliant achievements they have brought to our fantastic nation.  

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be further celebrating the fantastic achievements through further knowledge building. This will culminate in a class carnival celebration!