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Kandinski's Kaleidoscope

Year 2 have been learning all about colour and shape during our art lessons this week! 

Focusing on the artist Kandinski, Year 2 have been learning all about his life and work, as well as exploring our thoughts and feelings about different pieces. We discussed colour and how Kandinski uses colour to make his art stand out! 

During this lesson, we found different 2D shapes and explored how they might look next to each other. Using pencil, we then traced around these shapes - sometimes layering them to create an interesting effect. 

Our Art subject vision is:

Be creative - Be proficient - Be reflective 

Once we had creatively made our designs, it was on to painting! We thought about colours and how they might look together. Our aim was to make lots of amazing contrasts! We had an amazing time creating our pieces, developing our proficiency as we went and we are all very proud of our learning. We can't wait to reflect more next lesson!



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