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Illuminating Lights

Year 6 have started their new 'Light' topic and illuminated their imaginations with how light travels!

The new half-term has started, we have begun our new focus of 'Light' as a topic and our beginning is with how light travels. We revisited the learning from Year 3 and have built on this to conduct a range of investigations using a range of skills. 

We looked through a set of 3 small holes and had to line them up to see the light, which was a candle. It's tricky when you need the same amount of arms as an octopus!

We also looked to see if we could bend light. We used bendy tubes and torches to see if we could see the light source. This was all to prove that light travels in straight lines. 

Our challenge was to create the least amount of shadows on a table football pitch. We were allowed to use 4 torches and selected differing heights and angles to see if we could achieve it. 

We have remembered the Science vision throughout our experiments:

Be academic - Be curious - Be practical

We will be furthering this learning by looking at the colours within light, reflections and objects in water. 

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