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Role Model Junior Citizens

Year 6 took their first trip this year to the Junior Citizenship Event to learn how to be role models within society!

We took our social responsibilities to the next level by attending the Lewisham Junior Citizenship Event on Thursday. We travelled to Lee Green Fire Station where a range of presenters took groups. In these groups, we learnt a range of ways to be the most responsible and safe citizens of Lewisham that we can be. 

The thoughts of going to secondary school can be scary for many, not for our prepared students, who learnt a range of new skills, including how to use TFL transport respectfully and safely, both buses and on the underground.

We now know how to get a 'zipcard' and the benefits of this. We also learnt from the police our rights and responsibilities as young citizens (don't worry, no one was arrested!). We also learnt how to protect ourselves online with support from the police. We learnt how to protect ourselves in the event of a fire from the London Fire Brigade.

Finally, we had a presentation from a charity called Victim Support, they helped us know what to do when we feel like we are a victim and feel in danger. They also talked us through 'consent' and our rights within this. We took this all on board while thinking about our RSHE curriculum vision:

Be healthy - Be safe - Be resilient