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Persuading Pudsey!

Year 2 have been learning all about how to persuade an audience using exciting and creative adjectives when writing an invitation! 

With a broad focus on writing invitations, Year 2 have been learning how to use all the skills we have been learning throughout our writing this year to persuade an audience to come to an event. Focusing specifically on adjectives, we have unpicked our exciting model text to investigate all the ways the inspiring author used adjectives to make their event seem exciting! 

During this lesson, we looked at a range of illustrations from talented artists and were curious about the adjectives that we could use to describe them. Was the picture calm, relaxing or exciting? Were the images beautiful, creative or intricate? Using all these fantastic adjectives as an excellent starting point, we reflected on how we might use some of the words illicit to plan exciting and engaging invitations.

Our English subject vision is:

Be a reader - Be a writer - Be a communicator

Once we had used our curiosity to find a wide range of adjectives, we were ready to start writing our exciting sentences! Our aim was to persuade people to come to our Children in Need Bake Sale! We wrote some fantastic, persuasive sentences, and persisted when we knew we could edit and improve our work to include even more interesting adjectives! We can't wait to write with passion and be persuasive next lesson!






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