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Anti-Bullying Week 2021

This week, we participated in National Anti-Bullying Week, led by our proactive School Council. 

Our Vision statement for RSHE at St. George's is:

Be healthy - Be safe - Be resilient 

We know that part of staying safe and maintaining our mental health, that it is so important that we are positive to one another and maintain positive relationships. 

School Council recognised this by kicking off our week by leading a worship on Anti-Bullying Week's theme: One Kind Word. 

They were incredibly brave, standing up and speaking to the whole school and helped us all to reflect on the power of being kind. 

School Council also helped the school to decide to participate in Odd Socks Day, where we were all invited to wear odd socks to recognise that we are all different. 

On Tuesday, Mr Janes led worship and we discussed the difference between being rude, being mean and bullying. 

We reflected on how lucky we are that we have very little mean words or bullying occurring at St. George's. 

Have a look at the pictures below to see what went on.