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Our Earth's Super Structure!

In Year 6, we have started back on our geography journey by delving into the world... literally with the structure of the Earth. 

Our topic is looking at 'Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes.' We have started by looking at the makeup of the Earth to get some background knowledge. In this lesson, we looked at the 4  layers that the Earth is made from. 

We explored using diagrams and our own labels to explain the different layers, we also gave actions to our newly learned vocabulary to support our knowledge of how each layer moves or what they are made of and from.

We have done this through the Geography curriculum vision:

Be an explorer - Be global - Be outdoors

Below are our examples from books and some images of us acting:

Below are the actions we created for each layer of the Earth.

First is the Crust, then Mantle, then Outer Core (no picture), then Inner Core. 



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