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Waning or Waxing?

In year 5, we have been learning about the moon's phases.  

Year 5 are so excited to start their new topic - Earth and Space. To begin the topic, we learnt about the different planets in the solar system. We then continued our learning to look at the Earth's moon. Using key vocabulary, 'waning' and 'waxing', children learnt about the different phases of the moon. 

Keeping in line with the science vision; Be academic. Be curious. Be practical, we went outside to locate the moon. Using our hands to create the shape on the moon in the sky, we could find out whether the moon was waning or waxing. We learnt that if the circular part of the moon fits in the shape of our right-hand then it is waxing and if in the left it is waning. From this knowledge, children made predictions about what they thought the moon would look like tomorrow. We look forward to seeing if our predictions were correct! 

Next, we will be learning about day and night and hypothesising what may happen if the Earth were to spin faster on its axis and what would happen if it were to spin slower. 

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