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Who's been eating my porridge?

Another busy week in nursery as we continue to develop those key skills - Be an Explorer, Be a Trier, Be a Talker, Be a Creator.  

In nursery we have been continuing with our topic 'Bears'.  The Three Bear's House is now fully furnished and, thankfully, Baby Bear's chair is still in one piece!

However, the house was not complete without the key ingredient of - porridge! Thankfully, it turns out we have some great cooks in nursery, and the porridge was quickly cooked and then very quickly eaten!

We have also been working hard on our Winter Tree collage with natural materials collected from the outdoor area, but whilst the trees may be bare outdoors, inside the nursery our bulbs and seeds are growing thanks to some expert care.

Finally, all the children have been very excited to try out our new performance area!