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​​​​​​​虎年兴旺 ​​​​​​​

虎年兴旺  (Wishing you a prosperous year of the Tiger!)

Last week, Reception enjoyed learning about and celebrating The Lunar New Year!

In Literacy, we shared lots of stories about the Lunar New Year, including: The Great Race, Lanterns and Firecrackers, and Amy Wu and the patchwork dragon. We planned our own Lunar New Year celebrations and worked hard to apply our phonics to writing shopping lists, invitations and greetings cards. 

In Expressive Arts and Design we explored materials and techniques to create dragons and lanterns. We also enjoyed dancing to music from around the world, including China. 

In Understanding the World we looked at maps of the world, and enjoyed tasting some Chinese food. We also had a go at using chopsticks to develop our fine motor skills!

Our pupils are certainly living up to our Vision statement in Early Years:

Be a Trier. Be a Talker. Be an Explorer. Be a Creator.

Playing and exploring 

What would you like to order from our take-away restaurant? 

Lunar New Year Celebrations