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Safer Internet Day!

On Tuesday, St George’s celebrated Safer Internet Day! We thought about being kind online, as well as how we can keep ourselves safe.

Our subject vision for computing is:

Be analytical

Be innovative 

Be safe

We really focussed on being safe on Safer Internet Day. 

Looking closely at gaming, St George's thought all about how we could be safe online. We were curious at how we could keep ourselves and others safe, as well as have fun! 

Across the school, every took part in a lesson all about online safety, as well as completing many fantastic, generative activities. Benjamin Class created connections words that we had learnt during our lesson, such as: safe, respectful, honest etc. Jennings Class thought about avatars and how we can be safe without giving away personal information. 

Overall, it was a fantastic day and we learned a lot about how to game safely, so that we can be safe, be ready and be respectful when we are playing age-appropriate games online with our friends and family.