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British Science Week!

St George's took part in the British Science Week with the theme of 'Growth'!

At St George's, we have all participated in British Science Week! We have been using our Science Curriculum Vision of Be Academic. Be Curious. Be Practical. 

The focus this year was around 'Growth', this isn't just in terms of plants, it means growth in technological advances and growth in the planet by being eco-friendly. 

The classes joined forces and paired up, here is some of the amazing learning we have got up to this week:

In EYFS, we have been busy planting seeds as part of our focus on observing growth and decay over time and introducing the vocabulary linked to this. Also, we have been developing children's understanding of Spring and the effect of changing seasons on the natural world around them. We now know that Spring is a time of planting and growth!

In KS1, we were engineers on Monday, making connections between our climate and our environment. We explored the different types of transport and created a survey to help us inform our plans for a new, eco-friendly road to encourage people to walk/cycle to work. 

On Thursday, we were exploring growth and growing flowers and plants in different environments to investigate which conditions are best for growing. 

In LKS2, we have been discussing how traffic affects climate change and debating how to improve the carbon footprint in our local area. We conducted a traffic survey and then connected our maths learning to create bar graphs to show results. We then came up with solutions to reduce these harmful emissions.

LKS2 also looked at reducing our carbon footprint by planting CO2 consuming plants, whilst learning about what we need to grow. Additionally, we hypothesised whether plants will grow better indoors or outdoors

In UKS2, we were chemical scientists looking at the growth of 'Eco' friendly washing products. We investigated whether new technology in washing solutions could get rid of a stain. We made sure we had a fair test by keeping our dependent variables the same and only changed one independent variable (the type of washing up liquid.)

We also looked into space, we tried to create a creature that could possibly survive on Mars. We started by researching the temperature, atmosphere, terrain, food and water sources. Once we had this information, we created a design with annotated reasoning as to why our creatures could survive on Mars. Once we had done this, we connected with our Art learning and created class sculptures of the creature. We then presented this to the class with our animals adaptions. 

Enjoy the photos of our fantastic week of GROWTH!


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