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Becoming Buddha!

Year 5 acting out the story of The Buddha.

Our R.E topic for the beginning of the summer term is, 'What is Buddhism?' To begin the topic, we discussed different faiths we had already learnt and some faiths that are in our school. Children were introduced to Buddhism, and we started off by learning about how Siddhartha, The Prince, became Buddha. 

This fits in well with our R.E vision:

Be Curious. Be informed. Be Reflective. 

Children learnt about how Buddha came about and the link to 'enlightened one'. When learning about the story of Siddhartha, children were able to make links to the Christian faith such as the disciples and how they carried on Buddha's work just like Jesus' disciples. 

In groups, children were given a section of the story to act out. They had to work collaboratively to come up with the script for their scene (linking to our English writing this week), divide up the parts and finally act it out to the class. 

Here are the freeze frames from each scene: 

Next, we will be learning about the meaning of world suffering and the link to Buddha.