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Sensational Settlements!

Year 6 have been settling into the world of human geography and population patterns!

This term, Year 6 have started their new topic 'Settlements, Land use and Economic activity'. This topic looks at analysing and finding patterns to why humans settle in particular regions by relating physical and human geography features. 

We started our topic by revisiting settlements, from back in year 4. We looked at the main cities in the UK and identified these using a satelite image at night to show light polution. We then compared this to the terrain map and identified which major cities these are. We discussed the reasons why cities might be built in a specific area and started to identify settlement patterns. 

In the second lesson, we have looked further in depth to these patterns. We looked at the patterns themselves and identified these; we gave our own reason to why these cities are shaped in the way they are. Finally, we critically analysed the town of Merthry Tydfil in Wales. We looked into the economic triumphs and pitfalls on relying on a natural resource to sustain a population. We wrote our own analysis of  this once prolific industrial town.

We did this through our Geography curriculum vision: 

Be an explorer. Be global. Be outdoors. 

Here are some more photos from our second lesson! 

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