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Contemporary Artists

Year 5 have been learning about contemporary art and have started to create their final piece. 

During this week, year 5 have been learning about contemporary art. Children started off learning what contemporary art is. From this starting point, they then researched about a famous contemporary artist (Shinique Smith) and the different types of art they liked. 

In groups, children then planned a piece of contemporary art, ranging from dances to paintings on boards. With such a range of art that could be created, this met our art vision of:

Be creative. Be proficient. Be reflective. 

Children worked in their groups discussing what they have seen in relation to contemporary art - what they liked and disliked. They then brainstormed some ideas around areas they like and then finally planned their piece. They thought about equipment and materials that they needed and then, working in their groups collaboratively, created their final pieces. 


'Thinking' By Group 1



'Contemplating Success' By Group 2



'Not St George's Dragon' By Group 3


'Books on the Brain' By Group 4


We look forward to our next topic, which will be a design technology unit! 

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