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Amazing Aboriginal Art

Benjamin Class have had an amazing time recreating Australian Aboriginal Art, inspired by 'The Creation of Life' by John Kindness.  

Be creative. 

Be proficient. 

Be reflective. 

This week in Year 2, we have been inspired by Australian Aboriginal art to create our own pieces of work using dots to create patterns. We were curious to find out about the origins of Aboriginal art, and we had great fun reflecting on how we could create similar effects ourselves. 

We used cotton buds to create patterns and designs using different colours to utilise negative space and to create interest in our work. We kept referring back to 'The Creation of Life' by artist Jon Kindness, as his work used dots to create all kinds of shapes, including fish and even turtles! 

The effect of our pieces was fantastic - we especially enjoyed making interesting shapes by ripping paper! Finally, we annotated our work so that we could continue to be curious learners, who enjoy thinking and reflecting on their learning! 


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