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Flower Power!

Ever wondered what is behind the petals in a flower? Well wonder no more, our year three’s have ventured inside the flower to learn its secrets!

Our Science Vision at St George's is:

Be curious. Be practical. Be academic.

Our Science topic this term is plants. The classes have been very curious, very practical and very academic. The students have previously learnt what plants need to survive, how water moves through the plant, parts of the plant and how the leaves make food for the plant.

This week we dissected tulips to identify the male and female parts involved in reproduction.

The class identified the petals, sepal, filament, anthers, stigma, style, ovaries and stem. We also learnt why insects are attracted to plants and how they transfer the pollen from the anthers to the stigma in different plants. This we will explore more after half term when we study pollination.



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