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Equator Exploration!

This week, Benjamin Class have been equator explorers in search of the world's rainforests! 

Be an explorer. 

Be global. 

Be outdoors. 

Using a range of technology, including Google Earth, Year 2 explored different rain forests around the world, using our knowledge of the seven continents to locate where we might find them. We noticed that all the rainforests that we found fell along the equator, and we discussed how we knew that this was because it gets hotter when you get close to the equator. 

After locating and labelling the rainforests on a map of the world, we thought about the different elements of a rainforest - from tall trees to the spectacular wildlife. We spotted jaguars, toucans, spider monkeys and even some beautiful pink dolphins! 

We then watched a video of the rainforest and pretended that we were there. Using our five senses, we thought about what we might see, hear, smell, touch and taste if we were on an exploration through the Amazon rainforest. We wondered if you would be able to catch some food for your dinner like the Yamomami tribe? 

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