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'Bready', steady ... cook!

In year 5, we made flat bread with garlic butter. 

In year 5, our final topic for design and technology is food nutrition. This topic is looking at foods around the world, looking at similarities and differences as well as looking at the nutrition aspect. Of course, it also involves making all the foods, which fits in with our vision for D.T:

Be innovative. Be hands-on. Be diagnostic. 

Our first order was flat bread with garlic butter. To begin with, children had to make the dough. We learnt that this is slightly different to other breads as there is no yeast added. We mixed playing flour, oil (for flavour) and water.

When ready, we mixed with our hands to knead the dough. 

To make the garlic butter, we mixed butter, garlic, fresh parsley, salt and lemon zest. 

When all was ready, we had to cook! Children broke of small bits of the dough, rolled them out to make them flat. A group of children cooked the breads using a frying pan, then others quickly added the butter, so it melted on the bread.