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Diversity Day 2022

A day of learning about the different cultures that make up St George's. 

Our Vision Statement at St George's is:

Be brave. Be great. Be you.

Today, we all shared a little about what it means to 'be you'. 

A big thank you to everyone who came in dressed in traditional clothing from their heritage or a heritage they knew about. 

We all walked a little prouder today, showcasing what makes us unique. 


At St George's, we also have a culture statement, which is:

We are fun. We are together. 

So, of course, we ensured that we had fun learning about different cultures across the morning. 

We even made sure to be even more 'together' than normal, by mixing classes from age ranges across the school. 

Have a look below to see the wonderful costumes and learning which happened in our mixed age groups. 


What We Wore

Brazilian Carnival Masks

Australian Aboriginal Art

Nigerian Drumming Sessions

Ghanaian Kente Cloth Weaving

Spanish Fruit Salads

Egyptian Jewellery 

Chinese Fortune Cookies