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I say potatoes you say chips!

Startling starch and complex carbohydrates, guess what? Chips are not always bad for you! 

Design Technology – Food and Nutrition:

Be innovative

Be hands on 

Be diagnostic


Last time in design technology (DT), year 3 learned all about popcorn and seasoning from its history in Mexico to its preparation and cooking. They also learnt about the effect of different types of seasoning (sweet, sour and savoury). 

This week, year 3 learnt how to make chips and whether chips are always bad for you or can be part of a balanced diet. Fantastic chopping, peeling and seasoning skills were practised as well learning how to make chips healthier. We oven-baked them instead of deep-frying them and we used vegetable oil instead of animal fat. 

Next year, they will be exploring nutrition and practising their culinary skills. 



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