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Leafy Lines

In year 4, we have been looking at contour lines in drawing. 

Our first topic in art this year is drawing. We have been focusing on the artist Giorgio Morandi and understanding his life drawings with a special focus on contour lines. To start the topic, we made composition of some objects and focused on the 'focal point'. From this, we drew without looking at the paper and then again looking at the paper and the objects. This taught us to really focus on all the specific lines and how they link. This links to our art vision of: 

Be creative. Be proficient. Be reflective. 

From this, we have continued to look at contour lines, but in a natural setting. We went and collected a range of leaves from the quad and playground. We then put the leaf under thin paper and used chubby wax crayons to reveal the lines. 

We look forward to our next task, where we will continue to look at natural objects and their lines. 

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