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Remembering Walter Tull

In Year 4, we have been learning about Walter Tull for Remembrance Day. 

To start the second half-term in R.E, we combined the value of the month with our class name, Remembrance and Walter Tull.

We discussed the importance of Remembrance and why November is so significant for Remembrance.

We made links to our worship assemblies, learning about the war and the importance of the poppy.

Finally, we learnt about how brave past and current soldiers are and how our class is named after an extremely brave soldier - Walter Tull.

This fitted in with our R.E vision: 

Be curious. Be informed. Be Reflective. 

In class, we learnt about his life, how he was a professional footballer and then gave up his career to help out in the war. We were fascinated by his life story, learning how he became the first recognised black officer to lead white British Soldiers in the war, on the front line in conflict. 

Through videos and research, we made fact files on Walter Tull, who we now all admire through his bravery!

Have a look at what we found out!