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World War Two Life

Year 6 looked into rationing during WW2 and what life was like!

Our History Vision at St George's is:

Be inspired. Be academic. Be reasoned. 

We have been academic, studying a variety of primary and secondary sources to inform our opinions, using our reasoning skills along the way.  

Year 6 have started the topic 'Battle for Britain.' In this unit, we will explore the cause and effect of World War Two on British people during this time. 

This week, we looked into the effects of the Germans cutting supply lines to Britain for food, fuel, clothing and other resources. 

We looked at what life was like as rationing of food took place across London and saw interviews with people that lived through the time. They described what it was like to be on rations and how they coped. 

We also used secondary resources in the form of an information book. We found that the ladies that remained worked on the land and turned park areas into allotments to support the war effort. 



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