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Bye, bye to Bullying!

Start where you are,

Use what you have

Do what you can!

Arthur Ashe

In Year 3, we have contributed to National Anti-Bullying week by celebrating our differences and thinking how change starts within.

We know that we all have something valuable to add to the wonderful mixture that is our classroom, our friendships, our school and our world.

We started by discussing what bullying is and how hurtful it can be, then (always being in charge of our own destinies) how we can change our world for the better.

We learnt about the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates' Three Sieves Test - Before you say anything, check:

Is it True?

Is it Kind?

Is it Useful?

So here in Year 3 we are dedicated followers of our PSHE values:

Be healthy. Be safe. Be together.

and starting with One Kind Word, and soon we will take down bullying together!