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'Mappy' Geography Awareness Week

We have really enjoyed celebrating Geography awareness week by getting outdoors and exploring. 

It's Geography Awareness Week and each year group has been busy applying their map and field work skills to an orienteering adventure!

Year Two and Year Three had a mini orienteering task within the Quad.

Years Four, Five and Six all had a large scale course, which involved navigating the whole school, looking for the markers, recording symbols and deciphering codes!

We were told that the record for completing the course was set by a group in Year 6, who finished in 12 minutes!

Geography helps us to understand and engage with the world around us. Supporting exploration, education and understanding of geography is more important than ever!

Our Geography Vision is;

Be an Explorer

Be Global

Be Outdoors 

Our Geographer's have really been living up to our vision this week!

Analysing Our Maps

Spotting Our Markers

Recording Our Answers

Cracking The Code


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