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Save Lewisham's Air!

This week, we were inspired to act against idling, following some powerful Air Quality Workshops in Year 4, 5 and 6.

Our vision statement at St George's is:

Be brave. Be great. Be you. 

This week, we have most certainly lived up to being brave. We have been inspired to be courageous advocates for climate change. 

Years 4, 5 and 6 had a special visitor named Ellie on Wednesday. She ran some workshops and taught us all about the impact that cars can have on the environment. 

We took an in depth look at idling and decided it was time to inform the public around St George's school (under Ellie's supervision, of course!). 

Our School Council took to the streets near home-time to see if they could spot any motorists idling and give them information about the repercussions if they were. 

When outside, it was pleasing to see that most motorists were not idling. Even more pleasing was people's reactions when given information by our School Council. Hopefully, people have been inspired to make the right choices in their cars because of School Council!

Have a look below to see how we got on in our workshops and when taking to the streets!

A Presentation From Ellie



Designing Infographics On Idling




Informing The Public