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Marvellous melting!

In year 4, we have been looking at changing states from a solid to a liquid. 

In year 4, our topic is 'States of Matter'. To begin the topic, we learnt about matter and how it is all around us. We continued our learning by identifying the 3 states; solids, liquids and gases and then completed a grouping exercise. Once we understood the 3 states of matter, we started to investigate how to change a state from one to another. To complete this, we worked scientifically which is part of our science value: 

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical. 

To begin with, each group were given a tray with 3 beakers of boiling water. We put foil on top and then ice on one, butter on another and a piece of chocolate on another. Children used thermometers to identify the temperature when the solid started to turn to a liquid. We learnt that ice starts to melt at 0 degrees, whereas the melting points for chocolate and butter were between 30 and 35 degrees. We learnt that adding heat to some solids will cause it to melt. The results in the solid changing state to a liquid. We used scientific language to explain how the particles start to vibrate when turning into a liquid. 

From our investigation, we then showed our learning in our books using diagrams and labels. 


We look forward to continuing to learn about states of matter and how to change from one state to another. 

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