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Shakespearean Sonnets!

Year 6 have stepped back in time to look at Sonnet's with a focus on Shakespeares' Sonnet 18!

This week in English, we have stepped back in time. We found out how Shakespeare has impacted on us today by adding around 3000 words to our vocabulary, such as 'elbow' and 'critic'.

We have explored William Shakespeare's famous Sonnet 18. We first read and understood the poem by looking at the archaic language and translating it to the modern day. 

We then looked at the poetic features, such as: the rhyming couplets; alliteration; and brilliant use of figurative language. 

The last, and the hardest, was how Shakespeare uses iambic pentameter to create a rhythm of 'da Dum', 'da Dum' throughout. 

We then learnt the poem and tried to create a performance using intonation, volume and gestures to support. We did this through the English vision:

Be a reader. Be a writer. Be a communicator. 

We certainly achieved all three of these this week! Enjoy the video.

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