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Picture Perfect

In Year 4, we created pictures for Peace for our R.E topic. 

In Year 4, our final topic for R.E was "Is Peace the Most Important Message of Christmas?".

To begin the topic, we looked at the different types of peace: inner and external peace.

We discussed what inner peace looks like and how we can be peaceful in ourselves. Children discussed different activities like meditation, yoga and breathing exercises help them be peaceful.

We then discussed what external peace what it would look like. Children discussed when people get along and there are no arguments and no war. After, we looked at the link with Peace and Christmas. We learnt how Jesus is the Prince of Peace and how God put him on Earth to help spread peace. From this, we read different bible quotes about Peace and Christmas.

This links to our R.E value of:

Be curious. Be informed. Be reflective. 

With all our learning, to finish the topic, we thought about what peace looks like for us. From this, we made pictures using pastels. 

Have a look at some of our Peace pictures. 

Tull Class wishes everyone a very merry and peaceful Christmas!