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Rolling into 2023!

In P.E, we are learning gymnastics. This week we have been focusing on rolls and travelling. 

To start the Spring term, for P.E, Tull class are learning all about gymnastics. To begin with, we recapped different ways to travel and then focused on different rolls. Our main rolls were the pencil roll, back roll and teddy bear roll.

From the rolls, we learnt how to use our strength and the momentum from the roll to continue into a standing position, without using our hands. This required a lot of strength, determination and control!!

Even though this was a challenge to start with, we all persisted and by the end we had many children able to transfer from a roll into a standing position in one movement! This fits in with our P.E value of:

Be passionate. Be respectful. Be determined. 

After learning about the different rolls in isolation, we worked with our partners to create a routine. In our routines, we focused on: the aesthetics of it, how to start, travel and how to end the routine. Our challenge was to come up with a synchronised routine included different ways to travel and including our news rolls. 

We look forward to continuing to learn new rolls, balanced and travels to create even better routines each week! 

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