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Earth's Super Structure

Year 6 have entered the geographical realm of 'Earthquakes, Mountains and Volcanoes!'

This term, Year 6 are looking at physical processes in geography. We are looking at the structure and movement of the plate tectonics and then looking at how earthquakes, mountains and volcanoes are formed. 

This week, we started off by looking at the structure of the Earth. 

We found that the word structure comes from the Latin : structural - which means to build. 

We found using research from a secondary source (How the Earth Works 'Curriculum Visions') that the Earth is made up of 4 key layers. 

We then used the book to explain the 4 layers of the Earth and found interesting facts like the temperature at these levels, the different substances that make these layers and how big or deep they go. 

We did this through the Geography Vision:

Be an explorer. Be global. Be outdoors. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures of some of us working and then the final outcomes!





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