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Announcing Artsmark!

New year, new challenges and we are aiming for Artsmark!

With the commencement of the new year, we at St George's are always keen to raise the bar and show the world how amazing our children are. The Arts journey at St George's went from strength to strength last year with the opening of the St George's Art Room and our very first (very successful) Christmas Arts Exhibition. With these successes fresh in mind, we are now beginning our two-year journey to achieve the prestigious Artsmark Award. This will mean increased investments in the Arts, both traditional and expressive, in the next two years, a journey that will bring more opportunities to:

Be creative, 

Be knowledgeable 

Be reflective

for all our children. We are very excited to get started and to continue building on our creative strengths!

Artsmark is a fantastic way of focusing on what you already do well as a school and highlighting what you could still strive to do. It has driven us to take steps to ensure that a strong arts culture is embedded within our School Development Plan.” 

Andy Thwaite, Head of Arts Faculty, Hurlingham School, Artsmark Gold


Keep your eyes peeled on our news stories for updates on our progress. 

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