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Pizza Perfect!

In Year 4, we have been learning how to make healthier meals.

To start our new D.T topic, Food and Nutrition, we looked at the iconic chef - Jamie Oliver. We learnt about how he had changed the way school children eat during lunchtimes through the campaign to change school lunches to make them healthy. 

From that, we looked at processed foods and what is in them. We looked at many foods and what ingredients were used, many of which we did not know. We discussed how preservatives are used to extend the shelf life and to increase taste. 

To continue our learning, we then focused on pizza. We discussed all the pizzas we love and how there are 3 food groups in there: flour for carbohydrates; cheese for protein; and tomatoes for fruit and vegetables. However, pizzas have become more unhealthy because of all the preservatives in them, the extra salt and sugar in the dough. We looked at how making foods from scratch using fresh ingredients is better because we know exactly what is going into our meals. 

We then discussed how we were going to make healthy pizzas from fresh ingredients and vegetable toppings. After the discussion, we then made our pizzas! Creating and making met our D.T vision of: 

Be innovative. Be hands-on. Be diagnostic. 

To begin with, we had to make the pizza base by mixing flour, salt and yoghurt together. 

We then added a little cold water, mixed until a dough formed and kneaded the bread. 

Once this was completed, we rolled out our pizza base and added tomato purée, mozzarella cheese. Some of us passed sweetcorn and jalapeño peppers. 

We then cooked them for 15 minutes and enjoyed a delicious sliver of pizza to finish a great week! 

We look forward to our next challenge of making mini bread rolls!